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A native New Yorker, Melissa Molomo has captivated many hearts worldwide by writing her heart out and speaking her truth. Since the July 2014 release of her debut self-published book "Say What's Real," Melissa has independently sold 5,000+ copies and has amassed an incredibly strong fan base via social media platforms. Melissa speaks to empower, enlighten and encourage. She writes about living life through heartache, carrying the torch of forgiveness and respecting one's personal flaws via a storytelling technique, engaging readers to believe within.

Never one to give up easily, Melissa learned the values of intense dedication to an art form while previously working with hip hop and R&B musician/producer Ryan Leslie (a Harvard graduate at age 19!). Experiencing firsthand the positive affect his music had on countless fans, Melissa decided to turn her passion for writing into something greater.

After sharing personal writings on her blog for many months, Melissa assembled over 100 pages of unorganized content, laid them all out on a table and feverishly edited and rearranged until she had created the backbone of what would become her first book. With the addition of exceptional artwork from her friend and collaborator Lebaron Murray, Melissa was ready to publish.

Fast-forward to July 4, 2014: The first edition of "Say What's Real" was released to the public via her website swrshop.com. Initial orders sold very quickly and Melissa found herself placing replenishment orders with her printer for hundreds of books monthly.

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